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Strong capabilities along with our range of inherent attributes helps us deliver business value to your company.


Why us?

At Aitken Spence, we believe in delivering business value that go beyond operational excellence. Globalization and a highly competitive marketplace has led to increasing challenges to improve business performance, viability and growth – which is where we come in with strong capabilities to deliver solutions for your company. Driven by a performance – oriented approach, our philosophy stems from extensive domain expertise, business heritage, good governance practices, skilled workforce, strategic partnerships, technological innovation and location advantage.

Extensive Domain Expertise

With an impressive track record, we have developed extensive knowledge in a wide-range of domains, harnessing competitive capabilities to offer our customers the right solutions. Our expertise lies in Travel & Hotels, Financial Services, Aviation, Maritime and Logistics, Engineering, Textile Manufacturing, Plantation Management, Financial Services, Power Generation and Printing and Packaging.

Business Heritage

We are a part of one of the largest conglomerates in Sri Lanka. Since the time it entered into the commercial arena of Sri Lanka, Aitken Spence has grown to become a dynamic and strategically diversified group of companies with interest in a number of industries. Throughout its 150 years in business excellence, Aitken Spence PLC has ingrained its leadership position in Sri Lanka's market economy, remaining unmatched in strength, diversity and stability.

Skilled Workforce

We employ more than 125 professionals to ensure that we meet the highest standards in Finance & Accounting services, including IFRS and Oracle E-Business trained professionals and a growing pool of qualified accountants in Sri Lanka. Coupled with a team of quality management professionals, our skilled staff is adept in optimizing business processes to improve productivity and revenue growth.


Strategic Partnerships

We have many long-standing partnerships with global business entities, who share many of the qualities and values that the company holds dear. Such partnerships have been mutually rewarding and have contributed extensively to the company's business interests. With strong foothold on a comprehensive global network, our operations have spread to the Maldives, South Africa, India, Oman and Bangladesh.

Technology Innovation

We use cutting-edge processes to deliver a high standard of quality solutions to our partners. We have a dedicated team of IT support staff, focused on identifying opportunities to transform operations into the modern IT solutions such as Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle IPM and Qilik view for processing MIS. Our state-of-the-art IT infrastructure helps deliver real time data replication to an off-site Disaster Recovery (DR) location, coupled with an up-to date firewall security and anti virus protection.

Location Advantage

As a rapidly emerging destination for the FAO market, Sri Lanka hails among the top 20 emerging outsourcing countries in the world.

Request for Information

If you have questions on how SpenceBPO can partner with you to improve your business processes, contact us:

+94 773 136 420
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